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Welcome to Chevinside Kennels and Cattery

Chevinside Kennels and Cattery has been established from the early 1970's and since April 2006 has been owned and run by Dee and Paul Walton. We both have had dogs and cats all our lives and one of the reasons for going into the kennel business was that when we wanted to board our 5 dogs and cat we just could not find anywhere suitable. Consequently we did not go on holiday for 5 years! We believe that it is the interaction between us and your pet that makes their time with us special. Every guest is treated as we would wish our own to be looked after and this is reflected by happy, stress free visitors. We encourage meeting your dog before boarding as this also helps the settling in process.

Please ring for prices and availability. Payment is by cheque, cash, visa or mastercard.

Chevinside Kennels and Cattery are licensed by Selby District Council and are fully insured. We are also recommended by veterinary practices as far away as Leeds.

Licensed by Selby District Council - Rating 5
License number 18/00029/ANBRD

What we do


Large single and double kennels provide our guests with plenty of room. Kennels do not face each other - giving privacy for the more nervous guests. For sleeping, a dog hammock is supplied with a "vet bed" providing ultimate comfort and hygiene. You may wish to leave a small washable (but unwashed) item of of bedding and/or a favourite toy to help your pet feel at home.

Our guests soon settle in and it is often remarked by our clients how quiet it is!

All kennels are, of course, heated and double glazed for the comfort of our guests.


Large two-storey pens with individual heaters will accommodate two guests from the same family. We have four pens which interconnect for the larger family. Baskets with "vet bed" are provided. We also have flat pens for infirm or disabled guests. Just as dogs have their exercise time, "cats cuddles" are given mornings and afternoons for play and individual attention.

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